March, 2010

Motion Sensitive Cameras

We were disappointed in the pictures gathered between early February and early March. We suspect the deep and lingering snow kept many animals away. There were a lot of deer, moose and coyote pictures, plus occasional people. Below are a few selected pictures. Students left the cameras in hopes that more animals would be active in this area as the snow melted.

Note that the cameras record the date, time, available light, and temperature. Clicking on the thumbnail takes you to the full size picture, which may not fit on your screen; scroll around to see the complete picture.

(click on pictures to view larger version)

Camera 1: Neko investigates the lion kill carcass near the creek.

Camera 1: Gary investigates the carcass and gets a picture of the camera.

Camera 1: This is the smaller of the pair we have seen several times. Moose showed up on several cameras.

Camera 2: Gary snowshoes by (Dale and Kathy off camera) tracking the moose. Moose legs are well adapted to deep snow; we spotted him but never got close.

Camera 2: Students come to change memory chips in the camera. We did not see this camera when we came by.

Camera 3: A coyote wanders through our storage area at night. Even with a flash, the picture is dark.

Camera 4: Gary crossing the creek at the north fence. Kathy has trouble maintaining traction.

Camera 4: Dale makes it down, Kathy spots the camera.

Camera 4: Deer stop to take a drink from the creek.

Camera 4: Deer crossing the creek at the north fence.

Camera 5: Mule deer.

Camera 5: Mule deer.