Summer, 2011

Pauline's Landscaping

Pauline spent a lot of time this Summer working in the garden and finishing up the landscaping with weed cloth, bark and plants. When viewing these pictures, it may help to refer to past pictures:

(click on pictures to view larger version)

Strawberries from the garden

Chokecherries and Saskatoons from bushes near our creek

Beans, lettuce, rhubarb, carrots and peas from the garden

Beans, peas and zucchini; not shown: potatoes, beets, dill, tomatoes, ...

The Garden

Looking southeast at the front of house

Looking north from the east end of the house

Looking northeast from below the South Patio

Looking north from below the South Patio

Looking northeast: Plantings below the South Patio

Looking east: Plantings below the South Patio; compare with last Summer

Looking southeast: Plantings below the South Patio

Looking southeast: Pumpkin on the South Patio; also see the South Patio looking west (Summer 2009). Note the flagstones in the grass; they complete the loop that starts at the right of the previous picture.

Looking east along the front of the house

Looking northwest from Front Entry; Neko poses

Looking west from front of house

Looking west southwest: Front Entry


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