October through December, 2011

Gary again won the Bridger Canyon Volunteer Fire Department silent auction for a ride in a biplane around the Bozeman area. Of course, he chose our house as one of the sights. The white in the upper left quadrant is the bone pile, now somewhat tidier after a Summer clean-up. The Carriage House is left of center, with our dump trailer parked left of it. Our little RV and Toyota pickup are parked at the lower level left (west) of the Main House. Below the right of the Main House is the terraced walkway Pauline spent a great deal of time completing, and below the left of the Main House is the garden and shed we worked on over the Summer. The dirt to the right (east) of the Main House is top soil we got from a neighbor who was building a caretaker house; we hope it will help restore the area to a more natural state. More photos from the flight can be found here. Photos from last year's flight are here.

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