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July through September, 2014

RIP Neko

Neko loved her time in Montana

This quarter started sadly. We had expected Neko to die many months ago after getting a diagnosis of liver cancer in August, 2013. As July approached (almost a year later) she was refusing the ground beef, chicken, peanut butter and all other treats Pauline used to coax her into eating. On July 3 she was emaciated, weak and starting to have breathing problems so we took her to the vet and comforted her as she was put to sleep. Her cremated remains now rest under a rock outside Gary's office window, where she liked to rest on hot summer days.

We brought grand-daughter Lauren up from Southern California to spend a few weeks. She was thrilled to see 600 goats we had contracted to eat weeds. See more about the goats here.


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