April through June, 2015

Training for Kilimanjaro: Kendal and Gary took a hike to both summits of Saddle Peak (elevation 9,165 feet). This was a 9.6 mile round trip with 3,900 feet elevation gain (and loss). The one-way distance and start/end elevations are a close approximation of the first day on Kilimanjaro, so making it up and down without problems was a good indication of their readiness. It was unusually hot; about 95°F at the trail head, making the hike even more challenging. The anticipated temperature at the Kilimanjaro trail head is 60°F.

Oh, yes — there were mountain goats at the summit. One wonders if other hikers offer them treats; that would be a way to get even closer, but would be a radical departure from their normal highly specialized diet.

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Where: 45.793968N 110.93679W Facing: NW