Mount Hood

At our chosen camp spot we dug snow caves because that would be much more secure and comfortable than tents. I dug a cave with two others while Dave dug a cave with one other. Unfortunately, my group hit rock before we could create a cave large enough for the three of us, while Dave was able to create a cave suitable for three; I prevailed upon him to let me join him. The cave was a bit cramped but otherwise comfortable.

The next morning we woke to a blizzard. I was first out of the cave and immediately felt like the wind was sucking the breath out of my body. I ducked back into the cave and warned the others to be prepared for the shock. Visibility was poor but we knew how to get back: just follow the ridge we had come up until we could intersect some sign of the ski area. We considered roping up so we would not lose each other, but decided that avalanches were a greater hazard and the rope would pull us all down if one person was carried away. We resolved to stick together without the rope and headed down, going down slopes one at a time from one safe spot to the next in case of avalanche. We stayed on the ridge until we were sure we were below the level of the lifts, then headed down slopes to our left to intersect a ski lift.