Attila's Gallery

Who Has Been Sitting On Our Throne?

The real Attila's Throne is a stone chair on the island of Torcello, near Venice, Italy. Gary once had the pleasure of viewing this rock, and learned that the legend of Attila the Hun having sat on it is false. However, it is true that anyone who sits on it will be married within a year. Our own Attila's Throne is a throne-like rock under a tree about 100 yards down from the Main House building site. This is a good example of the sorts of spots around the property we want to find and preserve as places to take pleasant hikes.

The part of the legend regarding getting married applies to our throne as well; Gary and Pauline were married within a year of sitting on it! If we count engagements, the throne has a perfect record. Kendal and Brandon made the score four for five. They memorialized the rock at their wedding by creating an abstract picture of the throne (based on a photo taken before our house was built) to decorate the table of the “Bozeman” attendees.

We have lost contact with one couple who sat on the throne (Casey and Justin). We will update the score if we can manage to track them down.

In October, 2013, Gary and Pauline spent 4 days in Venice. Of course, we had to take the boat to Torcello to sit on the real real Attila's Throne.

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November, 2002
Scout (marital status unknown).
Architect Van Bryan discovers the Throne.
This is the picture that reminded Gary of Attila's Throne in Italy.

March, 2003
Gary sits on the throne; Pauline took the picture. Married Pauline within a year.

July, 2003
Pauline checks out the view to the west from the throne. Married Gary within a year.

February, 2004
Kristina and Dan (engaged within a year)

September, 2005
John and Pat (married).

September, 2005
Kathy and Dale (married) with dogs Butch and Sundance.

September, 2005
Paul Monaco [Marcus' friend]
(married within a year)

January, 2006
Robin and Paul (married) with son Aaron and dog Skippy; Aaron is too young to be concerned about the legend.

May, 2006
Jim and Denise (married)

May, 2006
Mike and Lisa (married)

May, 2006
Gary's mother Wanda (widowed) with Isabel, Bobbikins and Portia

July, 2006
Denny and Ruth (married)

July, 2006
Barbara and Jim (unmarried) declined our offer to sit on the throne; here they are hiking at Glacier Park

August, 2006
Gina, Brent and Hayden. It's a bit early to put Hayden on the throne.

September, 2006
John and Janet (married) and dog Jimi.

October, 2006
Debbie and Tony at Canary Spring; we did not make it to the throne.

August 2008
Claudia and Mack (married)

August 2008
Norm (wife Carrol not pictured), Steve and Carol (married)

September 2009
Frances and Wanda Jo (married) with Pauline and Wanda (widowed)

September 2009
Jan and Michael (married)

July, 2011
Casey and Justin
the clock is ticking; they appeared eager to sit here
Last we heard they were still together but not married.

July, 2011
Pauline and Meg (widowed)

December, 2011
Brandon and Kendal (engaged within a year)

Thanksgiving Day, 2016
Allie and AV
(Alixandra and Arthur)


Parting Shot
Attila's Throne in Torcello