Directions: I−15 Headed North

There are two ways to get from I−15 north to Bozeman: via Dillon (Option 1) and via Ennis (Option 2). Option 1 is safer if driving at night; Option 1 is probably better in bad weather; Option 2 is more scenic; Option 2 is about 50 miles shorter than Option 1, but only about 10 minutes less driving time in good weather.

In the Winter, watch the road reports and choose the route based on the best driving conditions. For Option 1, the most likely problems are between Dubois (ID) and Monida Pass (on the Idaho-Montana border). For Option 2, the most likely problems are around Island Park (ID). Call 511 in either state (cell phone coverage in Idaho is excellent) for latest conditions.

Option 1: Monida Pass, Dillon and Whitehall

Continue past Idaho Falls on I−15 north over Monida Pass; at Dillon, take Exit 63 and follow MT−41 north to Twin Bridges. MT−41 continues north and merges with MT−55.

When MT−41 and MT−55 split, continue straight on MT−55. Follow MT−55 into Whitehall. In Whitehall, turn left at North Whitehall Street to get onto I−90 east, then follow the I−90 Eastbound directions.

Option 2: Island Park and Ennis

At Idaho Falls, take US−20 toward Rexburg. From US−20, one can continue to West Yellowstone and take US−191 north to Bozeman. This road is very scenic, but can be clogged with tourist traffic in the Summer and can be very dangerous driving any time of year. A better alternative is to take ID−87 north before getting to the Montana border.

ID−87 connects to US−287, which goes to Ennis. Upon passing through downtown Ennis, watch for a right turn to stay on US−287 toward Norris. At Norris (just a few buildings), turn right onto MT−84. At the Four Corners stop light, continue straight onto US−191 and into Bozeman. In Bozeman, turn left on 7th and go north until you pass over I−90, then follow the I−90 Eastbound directions.