From the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN)

We are about 20-25 minutes from the airport.

Our airport is serviced by several airlines and is located about 10 miles from downtown Bozeman. When exiting the airport, turn left onto the Frontage Road and follow it 8 miles until it curves south and becomes North 7th. At the traffic light, turn left onto Griffin Drive and follow it to the traffic light at Bridger Drive. Turn left onto Bridger Drive.

Bridger Drive becomes Bridger Canyon Road. There are mile markers on the right side of the road. There are also blue address markers on most driveways. Follow the highway into the canyon, through a narrow gorge. A couple of miles beyond the gorge, the road curves to the left; our driveway is shortly beyond on the left (look for mailboxes and address markers). Follow the driveway and curve around the barn-like building up to the house. It is about 8/10 mile to the house from the highway.

7003 Bridger Canyon Road
(406) 219-7609

The house is not visible from any point on the highway. Watch the mile markers; if you can read mile marker 7, you just passed us. Your GPS will tell you to go all the way to mile marker 7, so be prepared to turn before it tells you to! Also, your cell phone probably will not get reception when you get near, so call before entering the canyon if you feel the need.