2 August, 2010

First Round of Wildlife Photos

Below are a few selected pictures. Note that the cameras record the date, time, available light, and temperature. Clicking on the thumbnail takes you to a large size picture. Clicking again will take you to an even larger picture, which may not fit on your screen; if a + sign appears for your cursor, click yet again on the part of the picture you would like to enlarge.

The placement at the upper part of the creek (starting with the moose pictures below) had a problem because a bush in front of the camera kept setting it off as the wind blew and made the bush move. Fortunately, the moose noticed the tasty bush and demolished it in just over one minute.

(click on pictures to view larger version)

Mother bear with two cubs (one is the dark spot several feet above and left of her rear)

Whitetail Doe and Fawn.

Bear – probably 2-3 years old.

Buck (Whitetail or Mule Deer)

Whitetail Fawn.

Bear Again.

We got about 230 pictures of this moose.

This bush was in the way; we're glad he ate it.

Bear – might be one of the cubs.

Whitetail Doe and Fawn.

Jennie on a hike. She shouldn't be out here alone!

There is the bear again.

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