Summer, 2010

Motion Sensitive Cameras

Gary helped MSU summer students set up cameras on 9 July. We found bear scat and used it as a clue in setting up one camera. The other two were positioned at likely places on the creek. All cameras were positioned on game trails. These cameras are used by the Wildlife Management Techniques course at MSU.

Round 1: July

After reviewing the first round of photos (over 5,000 of them), we fixed problems with the camera settings and environments to reduce the number of spurious pictures taken. In spite of the problems, there were many interesting pictures of animals.

Round 2: August through October

For more camera action, see: Spring and Winter galleries. Pictures below document some of the camera set up.

(click on pictures to view larger version)

9 July: Dr. Claire Gower inspects bear scat to determine what the bear has been eating. This scat was at the intersection of game trails, so we set up a camera here.

9 July: Dr. Gower supervises students setting up a camera near the scat.

2 August: Exchanging memory cards to review the first round of pictures. This is the lower creek location, where we got pictures of the mother bear and cubs.

2 August: Dr. Gower follows Gary to another camera at the upper end of the creek. This is where we got pictures of a moose who helped us by eating a bush in front of the camera.

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