August through October, 2010

Wildlife Cameras

We got thousands more pictures during August, September and October. There are still no pictures of mountain lions and many of the animals are friends from our July gallery. We picked out a few of the more interesting ones, and got so many of one bear (perhaps the one from our August hike) taking a bath that we were able to make a little movie. The movie is about 60 seconds long, but the bath lasted a full 8 minutes; watch the water – when it goes clear, he has been lying still for a while. Lest one think the bear is cute and cuddly, check out the claw marks a bear can leave on a tree.

(click on pictures to view larger version)

It got quite warm in August. It's cool in the gully and cooler still in the creek.

He spent about 8 minutes bathing; check out the movie (2MB).

Nice 4x4 buck – he better lay low come hunting season.

This fawn is still nursing.

This tree is not big enough to climb.

Probably our moose from July; The velvet is off the antlers now.

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