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January through March, 2016

Not Much to Report

It was a (thankfully) dull quarter. We did have some visitors (Dan and Kristy) and a quick trip to southern California to see grand-daughter Lauren perform as Gretl in The Sound of Music.

The weather was exceptionally warm, especially in February and early March; we were essentially snow-free after January. Infrequent snow falls melted quickly. Last Spring, last Fall and this Spring saw many high winds that knocked down a number of trees. No trees visible from the house were affected, but a couple of trees were blown over in places we often walk. On a percentage basis the affected trees represent a small fraction of one percent of our forest, but it is many more than we have seen in previous years.

We hosted the MSU Wildlife Management course again this Spring, doing their radio location and motion-sensitive camera labs here. If there are any interesting pictures, we will post them in next quarter's report.


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