Ptarmigan Traverse, Dome Peak Traverse

Pretty easy up to this point. Now to start the traverse. I appear to be showing off by putting my hands in my pockets. Or, maybe it is cold.

On the traverse. It's not hard, just exposed. There is one piece of protection in, just below center.

Here is what part of the traverse looks like from below. I think I took this picture after Barb and I climbed Hydramatic Spire.

More traversing.

Finally, the summit. The register was a 35mm film can with two small sheets of paper and a pencil stub inside. At least the back sides were empty so there was room for our names. It wasn't clear how many had actually traversed the summit ridge, but it was undoubtedly fewer than those who signed the main peak register, so we were definitely members of a small, elite group!

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