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July through September, 2018

Another Busy Quarter

While Lauren and Allison were here, they went with Claire to set up a game camera. They got a number of pictures of deer, some with babies. When Claire checked the camera later, she found a picture of a bear (above). Judging from the moist backside, it must have taken a seat in the creek to cool off.

We had little time after returning from Europe before Marcus arrived with grandkids Lauren and Allison. They were joined within hours by Kendal and Brandon, who helped us entertain the girls. In addition to demonstrating their skills on the climbing wall, they went on fishing trips, went horse riding, explored a cave and spent a day at the fair.

After three weeks, we packed the girls into the RV and drove via Cedar Breaks National Monument back to their home in Southern California.

We spent two weeks in our Pacific Beach home getting punch list items fixed and adding to the furnishings. We were joined by Marcus, Samantha, Lauren, Allison, Paul, Xue, Kendal, Arthur and Alixandra for a dinner to celebrate having the home (mostly) finished.

After a few weeks at home, we packed up the RV again and drove to Denver to pick up Sue (Pauline's cousin) and Ian (Sue's husband) after their flight from England. From there we visited friends in Los Alamos and toured the sights there for several days. We then went to Chaco Canyon, Window Rock (the seat of the Navajo Nation), Meteor Crater, The Sedona area, and the Grand Canyon. After dropping Sue and Ian in Las Vegas, we headed north towards home. We were fortunate to be able to park in friend's driveways in Virgin and Brigham City (both in Utah) for short visits on the way. We are low-impact guests – just give us a level spot and 110v outlet and we are happy!

We will be home until November 1, when we will return to Pacific Beach for about 3 months.

Our SoCal Home

This aerial view gives an idea of our location; the house is just below center (the construction paraphenalia is gone now), Mission Bay is upper left, and the Pacific Ocean is upper right.

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